Grunge of Today

March 12, 2008

After Kurt Cobain’s death, the grunge began to fade out of the mainstream. Many bands broke up or went back to just playing shows in the Seattle area. Other bands evolved into something else as time went on.

Without a doubt, Pearl Jam has remained the biggest band to come out of the Seattle grunge scene that is still playing today. Many other grunge musicians have moved on to other things, like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, who joined the supergroup Audioslave. Dave Grohl went on to start his own band Foo Fighters in addition to working with several other bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails. Even Alice in Chains is touring again, though without Layne Staley, who died of a drug overdose on April 5th 2002 (coincidentally, the same day that Kurt Cobain died eight years later).

The lasting impression of grunge on today’s music is immeasurable. But what we do know is that it has definitely influenced a lot of people.

And it’s almost come full circle: Mark Arm, formerly of Mudhoney, may be getting back together with his bandmates for a new Green River tour.